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International Competition for ceramic whistles - May 2008

Call for entries
1° International Competition For Terracotta / Ceramic Whistles
Promoted by Genius Loci Matera - Cultural Association

The 1st International Competition for Ceramic Whistles will be held in Matera, Italy, from May 11th May 25th 2008, except postponement.

The Competition is open to individual and schools with no age limit. Each competitor may submit a maximum of six works (whistles) which may be created using any ceramic technique. Works must not exceed 20x20x25 of their dimensions.

1. All participants are entitled to present from three to maximum six whistles created with ceramic materials. Participating is free of charge.

2. Works must not exceed the following measures 20 x 20 x 25h cm. Entries measuring longer or wider will not be accepted. No specific theme is provided.
All participants can present whistles made of terracotta, ceramic, gres or porcelain or made by the combination of this material. Entries created by non ceramic procedures or with different materials (wood, glass, etc), will not be admitted. Each work has to be signed with the name of the artist.

3. Entries must be sent to Ass. Culturale Genius Loci, c/o Casa Grotta del Casalnuovo, Rione Casalnuovo 308, 75100 Matera – Italy within May 5th, 2008. All entries must include a properly completed application form that can be sent with the works or by fax to the 0039 0835 314139 o mailed to

4. Entries must be sent with prepaid shipping expenses. Entries must be packed carefully to avoid damage. The sponsor cannot assume responsibility for any damage sustained to the entries before they have been received. The works must be sent within the 5th of May 2008.

5. All the whistles will be exhibited from to the 11th of May to the 25th of May 2008 (with possible prolongation) in Piazza San. Francesco – Matera

6. During the exhibition it is not possible for the artists to sell the works present in the competition. The artists can indicate the value of their works in the application form, in order to satisfied any purchase request only at the end of the exhibition. In this case a commission of 20% is charged. The commission must be included in the price indicated in the application form.

7. The members of the commission will be chosen by the Ass. Genius Loci and will be composed of experts in the art field. Members will be made public once their final verdict has been announced.

8. Prizes are listed below and will be subject to tax deductions required by law.
1st Prize € 750,00 + honorable mention
2nd prize € 500,00 + honorable mention
3rd prize € 250,00 + honorable mention
PUBLIC’S PRIZE, € 250 for the entry chosen by the public which has not won another prize.
All the Competitors will receive a Certificate of participation.
Three more sections are:
The Best whistle made according to the Italian tradition
The best whistle made by foreigner artists
The Best Innovative whistle.
The prize for the above whistles is the purchase of them by the Organizing Commettee.
9. The decisions of the jury are final and require no justification. The communication to the winner will be sent by mail to the their address or by e-mail.

10. PUBLIC’S PRIZE: euro 250,00. This prize is awarded to an entry which has not already won another prize and is been most voted by the public during the exhibition.

11. Participating in this contest, the authors allow the organizers to reproduce the image of the winning and selected works in any kind of medium. These images will be only exhibited for the promotion of similar contests or for other social and cultural activities organized by the Cultural Association Genius Loci or sponsored by the Town Council of Matera.

12. Winning entries, and the group belonging to the same author, will remain property of the Association “Genius Loci Matera” and will be exhibited in the Civic Museum of Ceramic Whistles of Matera.

13. Donation: Participants can donate their works to the Civic Museum Of Ceramic Whistles of Matera or they can sell their work after the competition (see art. n. 6). The authors will indicate their decision in selling or donating their works in the Application Form .

14. Return of entries: the return’s costs will be paid by the Organising Committee. All the works will be returned in two months after the exhibition.

Ass. Culturale Genius Loci,
c/o Casa Grotta del Casalnuovo,
Rione Casalnuovo 308,

75100 Matera – Italy

15. Participation in this competition implies acceptance of its rules and conditions. Notwithstanding, the Organizing Committee reserves the specific and exclusive right to rule on matters no specified in these rules and conditions and on any doubts arising from their interpretation.

For more information please stay tuned!!!
You will find the Competition Rules and the Entry Form in English at the following links:

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